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Your company is a manufacturer of Incense sticks, also called Agarbatti, from India and are keen on expanding your business globally. Discuss the challenges of marketing your product globally.

1. Understanding Local Needs and Preferences: Each market has its own unique needs, preferences and cultural context. It’s important to understand the local culture and identify how Incense sticks can be used to meet local needs. As local tastes vary, it’s important to assess if your products offer the right features and aromas for the local context. 2. Compliance: Each country may have its own regulations concerning the importation and sale of Incense sticks, such as permits, packaging requirements, sourcing and labeling. It’s important to be aware of and fully compliant with local regulations so as to avoid problems down the line. 3. Establishing Distribution Networks: Finding and establishing the right distributors and sales channels is a critical task for any global market expansion. It’s important to meet with potential distributors and assess their capabilities, market coverage and contacts. 4. Logistics: Shipping Incense sticks from one market to another is no small feat. Establishing a reliable supply chain network and finding suitable logistic partners is essential for a successful international expansion. 5. Penetrating the Market: It’s vital to have sufficient brand awareness and market penetration in each global market. This often requires tailored marketing campaigns to introduce and showcase the product to local customers. 6. Prices and Packaging: Different markets may have different price levels for the same product, and you may need to adjust your prices and packaging accordingly.

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