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Writing story, mother roast alive baby in oven

Once upon a time, in a small village in the countryside, there lived a mother named Margaret. She was a single mother who struggled to make ends meet but loved her 8-month-old baby girl, Rose, more than anything in the world. Margaret worked long hours as a waitress at the local diner while her parents took care of Rose. Despite the hardships, Margaret always made sure that Rose was well taken care of and had everything she needed. But one day, everything changed. Margaret lost her job due to the diner closing down and her parents passed away in a tragic accident. Desperate and with no one to turn to, Margaret's mental state began to deteriorate. She started hearing voices and slowly became convinced that her baby was possessed by an evil spirit. In a moment of sheer madness, Margaret decided to rid her daughter of the evil spirit by cooking her alive in the oven. She preheated the oven and placed Rose inside, her tiny body squirming in fear. Margaret watched with an eerie calmness as her baby daughter cried out in pain, begging for her mother to save her. But Margaret was convinced that this was for the best, that she was saving her daughter from a fate worse than death. The villagers, hearing Rose's screams, rushed to the house and broke down the door. They were too late. The smell of burning flesh filled the house as the villagers found Rose's charred body in the oven. Horror and shock filled the village as they realized what Margaret had done. They called the police and Margaret was arrested, but she showed no signs of guilt or remorse. During the trial, it was revealed that Margaret had been suffering from severe postpartum psychosis. The loss of her job and her parents were the triggering factors that led her to harm her own child. The village was in mourning over the innocent life lost and the tragic circumstances surrounding it. Margaret was deemed unfit to stand trial and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where she received treatment. As for Rose, she was laid to rest in the village cemetery, her short life a tragic reminder of the importance of mental health. The villagers came together to support each other, and Margaret's actions were never forgotten, serving as a reminder to always be vigilant and care for those struggling with mental illness. From that day on, the oven in Margaret's house remained unused and the memory of Rose and her untimely death lingered in the village for years to come.