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Writing story, mother eating alive child

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the woods, there lived a mother named Abigail and her precious child, Lily. The two of them lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of the village, surrounded by lush green trees and a peaceful atmosphere. Abigail was a kind and loving mother who would do anything for her child. She would spend hours playing with Lily, reading stories, and tucking her in every night with a kiss on her forehead. Lily was a happy and energetic child, always running around and exploring the surrounding woods. But one day, tragedy struck this happy family. As Abigail was out gathering berries for their dinner, she stumbled upon a strange plant that she had never seen before. The plant had bright red berries that glistened in the sunlight, and it smelled incredibly sweet. Abigail couldn't resist plucking a few berries and bringing them home to share with Lily. As soon as Lily saw the berries, she begged her mother to let her have one. Abigail hesitated at first, not knowing if the berries were safe to eat, but eventually gave in to her child's pleading. They both took a bite of the juicy red berries, and a few seconds later, their bodies started to feel strange. Abigail and Lily both fell to the ground, writhing in pain. Abigail's body began to contort and twist, her limbs growing longer and sharper. She let out an ear-piercing scream, and her eyes turned a deep and sinister red. Lily watched in horror as her mother transformed into a creature with a insatiable hunger for human flesh. Abigail's instincts had taken over, and she lunged towards her child, her new sharp teeth ready to tear Lily apart. But Lily, filled with fear and shock, grabbed a nearby stick and instinctively fought back. She aimed for her mother's face, hitting her eye with the sharp end of the stick. Abigail screeched in pain and retreated back into the woods, leaving Lily alone and traumatized. She ran to their cottage, locking herself inside and hiding under her bed. She could hear strange noises coming from outside, and she knew it was her mother, no longer the loving parent she once knew. As the night fell, Lily silently wept under her bed, listening to her mother's growls and howls outside. She couldn't sleep, afraid that her mother would come back for her. The next morning, the villagers found the cottage in chaos, and a trail of blood leading into the woods. Abigail had been consumed by the plant's curse, turning her into a monstrous being. But the villagers also found something that sent chills down their spines - Lily's half-eaten body, with her mother's teeth marks all over it. The village was devastated by the tragic event, and they never spoke of it again. No one went near the woods, afraid of the unknown creature that roamed within. And as for Abigail, she was never seen again, forever lost in the hunger that consumed her and her child alive.