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Writing story, mother eating alive baby son

It was dark and quiet in the small, rundown apartment. The only sound was the soft whimpers of a baby boy nestled in his mother's arms. The mother, Sarah, was rocking her infant son, John, back and forth, trying to comfort him as he fussed. John had not been acting like his usual self lately. He had been crying non-stop and refusing to eat. Worried, Sarah had taken him to the doctor, but they could find nothing wrong with him. As Sarah sat there in the darkness, she noticed a strange smell coming from John's room. She got up to investigate and what she saw made her blood run cold. A swarm of insects had infested John's room, crawling all over the walls and furniture. In horror, she realized that they were eating her son alive. She screamed for help, but it was too late. In the midst of the chaos, Sarah's eyes turned black as night, and her demeanor changed. It was as if she was possessed by something malevolent. She picked up John and carried him back to her bedroom, a sinister grin spreading across her face. As she laid John down on the bed, she whispered words in a language that were unintelligible. The insects began to scatter, and Sarah leaned in close to her son's body, her fangs extending. She sunk her teeth into his tiny, fragile body, devouring him with a hunger that could not be satiated. As she feasted, she could feel John's life force slipping away, and she felt a sense of satisfaction wash over her. It had been months since she had fed, and the blood of her own child was like a delicacy to her. Once she was done, she licked her lips and looked down at the lifeless body of her son. Tears streamed down her face as the realization of what she had done slowly dawned on her. She had consumed her own flesh and blood, the one person she was supposed to protect and love above all else. In a fit of remorse and guilt, Sarah took her own life, unable to live with the horror and shame of her actions. The next day, the police were called to the apartment after neighbors reported loud screams and a foul smell. They found Sarah's body, along with the remains of her son. It was a tragic and horrific scene, leaving many wondering what could have driven a mother to commit such a heinous act. But little did they know, Sarah had been possessed by a powerful demon, who had lured her in with promises of power and immortality. And in her desperate state, she had made a deal with the devil, not knowing the consequences that would follow. The story of Sarah and her son, John, would forever be a cautionary tale of the dangers of temptation and the evil that can reside within even the most loving of mothers.