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write an introduction for feminism and feminist movie as maleficent, make it inspiring and extremely fascinating, start by telling the film as a medium of literature feminism, how it affects the targetted audience. Use good diction.

The medium of film literature has been a powerful force in presenting strong themes of feminism to its audience. Prominent films, such as Maleficent, represent the inherent power of women and their struggles to be free from subjugation and stereotypes. This film, along with many others, gives us a sense of female empowerment and allows us to identify with the characters and their experiences. To watch feminist films like Maleficent is to feel inspired and to challenge one’s preconceived notions of gender roles and the roles that those roles carry. It is about seeing how empowering protagonists can break boundaries and customs, inspiring viewers to do the same. Through its stories, performances and themes, feminist film shows that strong women can be the heroes of their own stories.

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