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write a story about a young boy boy going to an all white school in the 1870s and he asked his classmates is your white skin a different feel or texture than mine?

James was a bright young boy, full of curiosity and eager to learn. He lived on a small farm with his parents and three siblings in the outskirts of town. His love for learning was so great that his parents decided to send him to the prestigious all white school in the town. It was the year 1872 and the Civil War had ended just seven years prior. Segregation was still rampant in the southern states and James was one of the few children of color in the town. He couldn't wait to start attending the school and make new friends who would share in his love for learning. As he arrived on his first day at school, James looked around and saw rows of students with pale white skin. He was the only one with a rich, dark complexion. He wondered what it would be like to have skin that was different from everyone else's. James was not a shy boy, and his mind was constantly buzzing with questions. So, during lunch break, he mustered up the courage to ask his classmates, "Is your white skin a different feel or texture than mine?" The question took his classmates by surprise. They had never thought about it before. Everyone instinctively looked at their own skin and then back at James'. Sensing their confusion, James continued, "I mean, your skin color is so different from mine. I wonder what my skin would feel like if it were white." The silence was deafening. Everyone was at a loss for words, except for a few who exchanged uncomfortable glances. The teacher, Miss Anderson, overheard the conversation and decided to intervene. She walked over to James and his classmates and asked what was going on. James explained to Miss Anderson that he was just curious about skin color and whether or not it felt different. Miss Anderson was taken aback by James' question. She realized that she had never talked to her students about diversity and equality. So, she gathered the class around and spoke about how everyone is different, not just in terms of skin color, but in many other ways. She taught them the value of accepting and celebrating their differences instead of judging and discriminating. James' classmates were fascinated by the lesson and couldn't wait to share it with their families. From that day on, James was no longer seen as the "different" one in school. He became friends with everyone and was invited to birthday parties and sleepovers. As years passed, James and his classmates grew up to be progressive and open-minded individuals, breaking barriers and fighting for equality. They had learned an important lesson from a young boy who had the courage to ask a simple question. James' question about skin color might have seemed innocent, but it sparked a change in the minds of his classmates and eventually the whole town. And as he looked back on that day, he was proud to have been the catalyst for such a significant change.