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Write a story about a young black boy saying his white French mother, "why are black people associated with chicken?"

As a young black boy growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, I was used to experiencing different forms of racism and ignorance. However, there was one instance that always stood out to me and it involved my own mother - a white French woman. I remember one day, my friends and I were hanging out in my backyard, enjoying the warm summer weather and discussing our favorite foods. As we went around sharing our top picks, one of my friends blurted out, "I love fried chicken, it's the best!" I could feel my mother's presence behind us, so I quickly turned to her in embarrassment and muttered, "I'm so sorry, Mom." I could see the hurt in her eyes, but she simply smiled and walked back into the house. Later that evening, we sat down for dinner and my mother had prepared a delicious chicken stir fry. As we dug in, my sister innocently asked, "Mom, why do people say black people love chicken?" My mother's smile faded and she looked at us with sadness in her eyes. "Well, my dear," she began, "it all goes back to the days of slavery when chicken was a cheap and easily accessible form of protein for slaves. It became a stereotype that all black people loved chicken because they were forced to eat it as a means of survival." I could see the shock on my siblings' faces as my mother continued to explain the history behind this damaging stereotype. She told us about the struggles and discrimination that black people have faced and how stereotypes like this only perpetuate racism and inequality. I felt a mixture of anger and sadness welling up inside of me. I couldn't believe that something as innocent as a preference for chicken could be turned into a negative and hurtful stereotype. I also couldn't believe that my own friends, who I thought were kind and understanding, had contributed to this stereotype. After dinner, I sat down with my mother and we had a long conversation about race, discrimination, and the importance of education and understanding. She reminded me that I should never be ashamed of my heritage and should always stand up for what is right. From that day on, I made it my mission to educate others and spread awareness about harmful stereotypes. Whenever someone made a joke or comment about black people and chicken, I would calmly explain the history behind it and advocate for the need to break these stereotypes. As I grew older, I realized that racism and ignorance could come from anyone, regardless of their race or background. But thanks to my mother's words and actions, I have become a proud and confident black man who will always stand up against discrimination and strive for equality.