Artificial Intelligence
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Write a somber story about an imperial guardsman from the 40k universe coming across the body of his chaos corrupted friend after a fierce firefight. His friend fell to Nurgle.

The air was thick with the stench of war and death. The sound of bolters and chainswords echoed through the narrow corridors of the abandoned hive city. Imperial Guardsman Lucas Asher ran frantically, his heart pounding against his chest as he searched for his squadmate Sergeant Marcus Grayson. The two had fought side by side for years, battling against the vile horrors of the Imperium. But something had changed in Marcus during their last mission. He seemed distant, his once bright eyes now dull and lifeless. Lucas had tried to ignore it, to chalk it up to the stress of war. But as they were ambushed by a band of Chaos Space Marines, it became clear that Marcus had fallen to the clutches of Nurgle. Lucas fought with all his might, determined to take down as many of the traitorous marines as he could. But as he turned a corner, he saw a familiar figure lying on the ground. It was Marcus. His armor was dented and rusted, and his body was bloated and covered in boils. The once proud sergeant was now a husk, consumed by the Dark God of Nurgle. Lucas fell to his knees, overcome with grief and anger. How could Marcus have fallen to Chaos? How could he have abandoned their duty to the Emperor? As he grieved, Lucas's thoughts drifted back to their days as young guardsmen, fresh out of basic training. They had shared a bond, a brotherhood forged in the fires of battle. They had promised each other that they would fight for the Emperor until their dying breaths. But now, Marcus had betrayed that promise. Tears welled up in Lucas's eyes as he looked at his corrupted friend. He remembered the times they had laughed and joked, the times they had shared their hopes and dreams for the future. All of that was gone now, replaced by the twisted corruption of Chaos. But Lucas was a soldier, and he knew he had to keep fighting. With a heavy heart, he closed Marcus's lifeless eyes and vowed to avenge him. He would purify his friend's tainted soul by destroying every last Chaos worshipper in the galaxy. For the Emperor and for his fallen brother, Lucas would never stop fighting.