Artificial Intelligence
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write a one page story that teaches a moral

lesson Once upon a time there was a woodcutter who lived in an old jungle. Every day he would wake up early and brave the jungle to go search for firewood. One day, while he was in the jungle, he saw something glinting in the sun. When he went to investigate, he realized that it was a treasure chest full of gold coins! The woodcutter was so thrilled that he wanted to take all the coins home with him, and then he would be able to stop working and do whatever he wanted! But then he remembered a story he heard from his grandfather about a greedy woodcutter who had found a treasure chest and taken all of the coins and then died in a fire, with no one to care for him. This story was a powerful reminder for the woodcutter and he decided not to be greedy. Instead he took only one or two coins and put the chest back, so that others could find some of the treasure. From this experience, the woodcutter learned the lesson that being greedy is not worth it, and that it’s better to share and be generous. Moral: Greed isn't worth it. It's better to be generous and share.

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