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write a detailed summary of pages 73-92 between 150-250 words of the graphic novel adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

In Mary Shelley’s graphic novel adaptation of Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein continues to grapple with the gravity of his experiments. On page 73, Victor muses on his creation, wondering if the creature is actually alive or just an automaton. Then Clerval arrives to take him away and Victor finds his resolve tested, for the creature remains on his mind. He and Clerval traipse across Europe and Victor plans his eventual return to Geneva. The two men reach Geneva on page 78 and as Victor pays a visit to Elisabeth and his father, the creature appears before him. He becomes terrified and screams for help, only to find that the creature has disappeared. He breaks down, forcing Clerval to take him away. On page 84, Victor and Clerval arrive in England and the former muses on his experiment, blaming himself for plunging down this path. But Victor also finds solace in continuing his work and he begs his friend to keep his research a secret. On page 87, Victor returns to his study and is compelled to forge ahead with his work. As he continues, however, Victor is suddenly attacked by the creature, which begs for his creator to help him. Victor refuses and the creature bears his rage and grief, warning that he will be revenged. The creature disappears and Victor sinks into a deep depression. Clerval does his best to care for his friend and soon he finds Victor determined to create a female companion. Victor requests Clerval’s help but the latter objects, fearing the end result will only be as disastrous as the monster. However, Victor persists and by page 92, Clerval resigns himself to his friend’s will.

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