Artificial Intelligence
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Write a controversial storyline for the game. Use themes like, illegal immigration, demons and cultists, murder, cannibalism, war, and the end of the world. Let the main characters be siblings, brother and sister

, and provide a setting that is not necessarily fantasy. The game follows two siblings, John and Emily, who live in a small border town along the US-Mexico border. They have recently uncovered a local cult of human traffickers who are attempting to facilitate the entering of aliens into the US through deceitful and illegal means. The cultists, who are led by a powerful demon called Helios, have gotten away with their crimes for years. John and Emily quickly become targets of Helios' wrath as they try to shut down the cult and lead to its downfall. In their efforts to do so, John and Emily must battle the cultists, survive the perils of the border town, and attempt to avoid an extraterrestrial enemy that wishes to see the world ruined. They must also confront the horror of discovering that the cultists are far worse than they imagined — they are secretly cannibals who prey on the local population to feed their hunger for human flesh. The siblings must flee and find a way to expose the cult's crimes and bring an end to Helios and his followers before it's too late. But will they be able to do it before the cult's terrible plans reach fruition and cause the end of the world as they know it?

1000 Characters left