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Write a 500 word description of Chinese lion dances, make sure to include which religion they originated from, how to perform them, who can perform them, why they are performed and their significance to Chinese religions. make sure to include 3 sources

The Chinese Lion Dance is a traditionally celebrated and vibrant dance that traditionally originates from Buddhist and Taoist cultures, and is typically performed during the Chinese New Year in China. The dance is performed with two dancers (usually of similar height) wearing a lion costume, which is usually made from brightly colored silk fabric and hemp paper, and two sets of clashing cymbals or drums. In some cases, the lion can be seen wielding a large ball on behalf of the emperor during the dance. The Lion Dance is a vibrant and energetic performance, as the performers must work together to keep the diversity of the lion’s actions in sync with each other. Two performers take up the lion costume, which is wired to a long pole in the middle, so that the performers can control the movements of the head, tail, and body of the lion. The performers must have great agility, balance, and rhythm to effectively manipulate the lion, as well as working in harmony with one another. In the traditional Chinese Lion Dance, there is also often a human accompaniment, such as a drum or gong player and a Chinese dragon banner carrier. The Lion Dance is performed for many reasons, ranging from festivals and celebrations to exorcism and protection. The cultural symbolism of the Lion Dance is often tied to the protection of the people and their livelihood. It is believed that the lion dance can ward off evil and bring in luck and prosperity. Additionally, it is believed that the dance can bring about peace and harmony, ward off evil, and bring a sense of renewal and joy into people’s lives. Today, the Lion Dance is an important tradition that is still upheld for various festivals in Chinese culture. Almost any group or organization can hire performers to dance the lion, though strict rules and customs remain in place. In some instances, entire communities can take part in the tradition, with people of diverse age and backgrounds coming together to bear the colorful lion costume through the streets. The Chinese Lion Dance remains an iconic part of Chinese culture and religion, representing the adoration of life, unity, harmony, and good luck for the present and future generations. Sources: 1. “Chinese Lion Dance”. Spirit of Shaolin Kung Fu, 2. “What is a Traditional Chinese Lion Dance?” Chinahighlights, 3. “The Lion Dance in Chinese Culture: Meaning & Significance”. Culture Trip,

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