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Write a 2 paragraph character analysis of Roderigo, with support from the play Othello: No Fear by Shakespeare.

Roderigo is a complex character in Shakespeare's play Othello. Throughout the course of the play, he is portrayed as a wealthy and impulsive man who is deeply infatuated with Desdemona, the wife of Othello. He is easily manipulated by Iago, who takes advantage of his love for Desdemona to further his own malicious plans. Roderigo's tragic flaw is his gullibility, which ultimately leads to his downfall. One of Roderigo's most defining characteristics is his desperation for love and acceptance. He is portrayed as a pathetic and weak character who will do anything to win the affection of Desdemona. This is evident in the opening scene of the play, where he pays Iago to help him win Desdemona's heart. Roderigo's blind love for Desdemona is also seen when he becomes enraged upon learning of her marriage to Othello. His jealousy and envy of Othello's successful marriage further portrays his unrequited love for Desdemona. Despite being warned by Iago to stay away from Desdemona, Roderigo continues to pursue her, even resorting to violence and deception. Overall, Roderigo's character is a combination of naivety, foolishness, and an overwhelming desire for love, making him a tragic figure in the play.