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Write a 2 paragraph character analysis of Roderigo from act 2 scene 2, with 2 quotes from the play Othello: No Fear by Shakespeare.

In act 2 scene 2 of Othello, Roderigo is portrayed as a weak and desperate character. His love for Desdemona has blinded him to the truth and he is easily manipulated by Iago. In the beginning of the scene, Roderigo is shown to be unhappy and frustrated when he learns that Desdemona has married Othello. He says, “What a full fortune does the thicklips owe, / If he can carry’t thus!” (lines 397-398). This quote shows Roderigo’s jealousy and resentment towards Othello, and how he believes that his external appearance gives him an advantage over him. It also reveals his shallow and superficial nature, focusing on physical attributes rather than true emotions. Furthermore, Roderigo’s gullibility and naivety are evident throughout the scene. Despite Iago’s constant manipulations and lies, Roderigo remains faithful and continues to believe in him. This is shown when Iago convinces him to sell all his possessions and follow him to Cyprus, promising him a chance to win Desdemona back. Roderigo blindly follows him and says, “I will sell all my land” (line 470). This quote highlights Roderigo’s foolishness and desperation to win back Desdemona’s love. He is willing to give up everything, including his own identity, for someone who has shown no interest in him. Overall, Roderigo is depicted as a weak, shallow and easily influenced character in act 2 scene 2 of Othello.