Artificial Intelligence
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wimp spanked by bully on fat butt in front of laughing girls

Julia is wimp's younger step sister, and her friend Ashley is came by for a visit. Both girls laugh at Wimp and thinks he is gross, ugly and a mummy's boy. Ashley then starts to spank Wimp's butt and Julia joins in. Wimp begs them to stop but the girls just laugh and carry on. Suddenly a big bully comes in and starts to spank Wimp's butt really hard, in front of the girls. The girls laugh and film the whole thing, while Wimp cries and begs for mercy. "Bend over, loser!" says the bully, as Wimp stands there trembling. Wimp reluctantly bends over and the bully starts to spank his fat butt mercilessly. The girls are soon rolling on the floor with laughter at the sight of Wimp's butt getting spanked. The bully then tells Wimp that he better not tell anyone about this or else he will get it worse next time. After the bullying session is over, Wimp is left lying on the floor sobbing while the girls continue to laugh and make fun of him. From that day on, Wimp learns his lesson and never tells anyone about what happened. He also learns to stand up for himself and not let anyone treat him like that again.