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why you would be a good candidate to attend the Living Landscapes Short Course and the relevance to your work

: I believe I would be a great candidate for the Living Landscapes Short Course due to the fact that I have a deep interest in sustainability and conservation. I am currently employed as a conservation biologist where I work on the restoration and preservation of native landscape in my region. I am also pursuing an advanced degree in ecology and have had numerous conservation projects completed, many of which have incorporated green infrastructure. My knowledge of plants and ecosystems will be enhanced by the resources this short course provides, and the ability to apply living landscapes in my work will be greatly enhanced. Additionally, this short course will give me the opportunity to interact and learn from experts in their field, which will bolster my professional development. Lastly, the Living Landscapes Short Course will provide me with a foundation of best practices in green infrastructure and conservation that will help me better manage the landscapes in my care.

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