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Why was Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators 2018 ‧ Drama ‧ 4 seasons Axed

after 4 seasons? 1. Low ratings: One possible reason why the show was axed after 4 seasons could be due to low ratings. Despite its interesting premise and talented cast, the show may not have been able to attract a large enough audience to justify its production costs. 2. High production costs: Another possible reason could be the high production costs of the show. As a period drama, Shakespeare and Hathaway may have required a significant budget for costumes, sets, and other production elements. If the show was not able to bring in enough revenue to cover these costs, it may have been financially unsustainable for the network. 3. Creative fatigue: After 4 seasons, the show may have experienced creative fatigue. This means that the writers and producers may have struggled to come up with fresh and interesting storylines to keep the show engaging for viewers. As a result, the network may have decided to end the show rather than risk a decline in quality. 4. Other popular shows: The TV landscape is highly competitive, and new shows are constantly being released. It is possible that the network may have wanted to make room for new and potentially more successful programs by cancelling Shakespeare and Hathaway. 5. Network decisions: Ultimately, the decision to axe a show rests with the network. They have access to ratings, financial information, and other factors that can influence the fate of a TV show. It is possible that the network simply decided that it was time to end Shakespeare and Hathaway and move on to other projects.