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Why some brands use palm oil in the whipping cream instead of some other healthy oils?

Palm oil is commonly used in whipping cream for several reasons: 1. Creaminess and texture: Palm oil is solid at room temperature and has a high fat content, making it an ideal ingredient for creating a creamy and smooth texture in whipping cream. 2. Stability: Unlike other oils, palm oil is highly stable at high temperatures, meaning that it can withstand the vigorous whipping process without breaking down and causing the cream to become runny. 3. Flavor: Palm oil has a neutral flavor, allowing the natural taste of the cream to shine through without overpowering it. 4. Shelf life: Palm oil has a longer shelf life compared to other oils, ensuring that the whipping cream will stay fresh for longer periods of time. 5. Cost-effectiveness: Palm oil is generally more affordable compared to other healthy oils, making it a cost-effective option for large-scale production. While there are concerns about the environmental and health impacts of palm oil production, many food manufacturers continue to use it due to its functional properties and cost-effectiveness. However, some brands are now offering alternative options, such as using sustainably sourced palm oil or using other oils like coconut or avocado oil in their whipping cream products.