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Why do you want to work for Aldi and what interests you about the role? * Please ensure that you cover: What do you know about Aldi? What appeals to you about working for Aldi? What specifically about the role that you are applying for interests

I am drawn to Aldi's long-standing commitment to providing quality products and outstanding customer service. I have heard great reviews from my friends and family who shop at Aldi – they speak highly of the variety and unbeatable prices that Aldi offers. In addition, I appreciate Aldi's focus on social responsibility including their commitment to sustainability, environmental friendly initiatives, and dedication to investing in the communities that they serve. The role I am applying for interests me because it combines my expertise in customer service and the ability to grow with a company. I love working with people and find the fast-paced environment of working in retail to be a great challenge. I believe I have the necessary skills to contribute to Aldi's success in providing excellent customer care. Moreover, Aldi's employee growth and development initiatives excite me as I have a passion for challenging myself and for helping others do the same.

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