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Which female speaks the words and sings, in the movie omerta silence of the mob 2016

There are several female characters in the movie Omerta: Silence of the Mob (2016), including: 1. Christina Ricci as Deborah - She is the main female character in the movie and plays the role of the wife of mafia boss Ray Davis. She speaks and sings in the film. 2. Danielle Rose Russell as Young Deborah - She portrays the younger version of Deborah in flashbacks. 3. Sharon Omi as Rose - She plays the role of Ray Davis' mother and speaks in the film. 4. AnnaLynne McCord as Stephanie - She plays the role of Ray Davis' mistress and speaks in the film. 5. Tara Buck as Laura - She plays the role of Stephanie's friend and also speaks in the film. All of these actresses speak and sing in the movie, but the main female character who speaks the most and sings is Christina Ricci's character of Deborah.