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which companies have depicted traits of transformational or transactional leadership in the management processes? what are the outcomes?

1. Amazon: Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos is known for his transformational leadership style. He has a clear vision for the company and encourages innovation and risk-taking. This has led to the company's success and dominance in the e-commerce industry. Outcome: Amazon's transformational leadership has helped the company to continuously evolve and adapt to changing market trends, resulting in sustainable growth and profitability. 2. IBM: IBM's former CEO, Lou Gerstner, is often credited for turning around the struggling company through his transactional leadership approach. He focused on improving operations, cutting costs and increasing efficiency. Outcome: IBM became a profitable and innovative company under Gerstner's leadership, and its stock value increased significantly. 3. Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines is known for its transformational leadership style under its former CEO, Herb Kelleher. He believed in empowering employees and fostering a positive work culture, which resulted in high employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. Outcome: Southwest Airlines became the most profitable airline in the U.S. and is consistently voted as one of the best places to work. 4. General Electric (GE): GE's former CEO, Jack Welch, is known for his transformational leadership style. He focused on creating a culture of continuous improvement, empowering employees, and driving innovation. Outcome: GE under Welch's leadership transformed from a manufacturing company into a diversified conglomerate and saw significant growth in revenues and profits. 5. Apple: Apple's late co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, was a transformational leader. He had a clear vision for the company and was known for his innovative and unpredictable management style. Outcome: Under Jobs' leadership, Apple became one of the most successful and innovative companies in the world, producing revolutionary products such as the iPhone and iPad. 6. McDonald's: McDonald's has a mix of both transformational and transactional leadership in its management processes. Its former CEO, Ray Kroc, was known for his transactional leadership in implementing standardized processes and streamlining operations. In contrast, the current CEO, Steve Easterbrook, has a more transformational leadership style, focusing on innovation and customer experience. Outcome: McDonald's has been able to maintain its position as the leader in the fast-food industry through a combination of efficiency and innovation. 7. Tesla: Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, has often been described as a transformational leader. He has a bold vision for the company and is known for taking risks and pushing boundaries. Outcome: Under Musk's leadership, Tesla has disrupted the automotive industry and has become a leader in the electric vehicle market. Overall, companies with a mix of transformational and transactional leadership have been able to adapt to changing environments, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth and success.