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Where to find michelromelus “train” video

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a video specifically titled "train" by michelromelus. However, here are a few places you could look: 1. Michelromelus' official website or social media pages: You can check his website or social media pages (such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) to see if he has posted any videos featuring trains. 2. YouTube: You can search for "michelromelus train" on YouTube to see if any videos related to trains by michelromelus come up. 3. Train enthusiast forums or websites: If michelromelus is known for making train videos, he may have shared them on forums or websites dedicated to train enthusiasts. 4. Video editing software: If you are looking for a specific video editing style or effect used in michelromelus' train video, you could try searching for tutorials or guides on how to recreate it using video editing software.