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When will i die

It is impossible to predict when someone will die. Death is an unpredictable event and is something that we all have to experience throughout life. Update (2023-01-03): No one can predict when someone will die, as life expectancy, health and other factors vary from person to person. Update (2023-01-06): No one can predict when someone will die as this is a matter of fate and destiny. Update (2023-01-08): It is impossible to know when you will die. Your life is unique and no-one knows what the future holds, but everyone will eventually pass away. Focus on making the most of your life today and make sure you keep yourself healthy through good diet, exercise and looking after your mental wellbeing. Update (2023-03-18): It is not possible to predict when you will die. It is important to appreciate each day and live life to the fullest.