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What would you do if a patient fell over?

1. Assess their injuries: The first thing to do is to assess the patient's injuries. Check for any visible wounds or signs of broken bones. 2. Call for help: If the patient is seriously injured, call for help immediately. This could be calling for a nearby nurse or medical professional, or calling 911 if the situation is serious. 3. Assist the patient to a sitting position: If the patient is conscious and able to move, help them to sit up slowly to avoid any further injury. 4. Check for signs of shock: Falls can sometimes cause shock in patients, so check for signs such as pale or clammy skin, rapid breathing, and a weak pulse. If present, try to keep the patient calm and reassure them while waiting for help to arrive. 5. Do not move the patient if they are unconscious: If the patient is unconscious or complaining of neck or back pain, do not try to move them. Wait for medical professionals to arrive and assess the situation. 6. Administer first aid: If the patient has any visible wounds, provide first aid such as applying pressure to stop bleeding or covering the wound with a clean cloth. 7. Stay with the patient: It is important to stay with the patient until help arrives, both to monitor their condition and to provide emotional support. 8. Document the incident: If the patient is a resident at a care facility, document the incident in their medical records to ensure proper follow-up care. 9. Follow up after the incident: Once the patient has received medical attention, follow up with them and their family to ensure they receive any necessary follow-up care and to address any concerns or questions they may have. 10. Discuss preventative measures: Finally, it is important to discuss the fall with the patient and their caregivers to identify any potential causes and take steps to prevent future falls. This could include implementing fall prevention techniques and educating the patient on how to prevent falls in the future.