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What type of training, activity or classes support would you like to participate in to develop yourself professionally? As barista

I would be interested in taking a certification course in specialty coffee. This type of training would give me a comprehensive overview of the specialty coffee industry and the process and skills needed for making high quality coffee drinks. Additionally, it would enable me to learn about the different types of espresso machines, coffee beans, and other equipment used in making specialty coffee drinks, as well as the proper techniques for creating tasty latte art. This type of experience would not only give me the knowledge to make amazing coffee drinks, but also give me the fundamentals of becoming a great barista. Update (2023-11-18): I'm interested in engaging in activities and classes that focus on professional development, such as: 1. Leadership development and training 2. Executive coaching 3. Communication and public speaking 4. Interpersonal skills training 5. Project management 6. Negotiation and conflict resolution 7. Time management 8. Business acumen and strategic planning 9. Networking and relationship building 10. Diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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