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what motivates to do great jobs other than a payslip

1. Personal satisfaction: Many people are motivated to do great jobs because of the personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment they feel when they excel at their work. They take pride in their work and strive to do their best. 2. Recognition and praise: Positive feedback, recognition and praise for a job well done can be a strong motivating factor for many individuals. When their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated, it can boost their self-esteem and drive them to continue performing at a high level. 3. Sense of purpose: Having a sense of purpose and feeling that their work is meaningful and makes a positive impact can be a strong motivator for individuals. They believe their contribution is important and strive to do their best to fulfill their role. 4. Passion and interest: Many people are motivated to do great jobs because they have a genuine interest and passion for their work. They enjoy what they do and are passionate about their industry, which drives them to excel. 5. Opportunities for growth and development: Some individuals are motivated by the opportunities for growth and development that come with doing great work. They see their job as a means to learn new skills, gain experience and advance their career. 6. Team dynamics: Working in a positive and supportive team environment can be a motivation for individuals to do great jobs. They are driven by the camaraderie, team spirit and the desire to contribute to the success of their team. 7. Impact on others: Many people are motivated by the impact their work has on others. They want to make a difference and improve the lives of others in some way through their work. 8. Intrinsic rewards: Some individuals are motivated by the intrinsic rewards of doing a great job, such as a sense of accomplishment, mastery, and autonomy. These internal motivators can be more powerful than external rewards such as a payslip. 9. Personal growth and learning: Doing great work can also be a way for individuals to challenge themselves, learn new skills and grow both personally and professionally. 10. Job satisfaction: Ultimately, many people are motivated to do great jobs because it brings them job satisfaction. They enjoy their work, find it rewarding and fulfilling, and that is enough motivation for them to continue striving for excellence.