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What is the reason why cars, in the left lane will seem to purposely hover in your blind spot and refuse to pass, and pace their speed with yours?

There could be a few reasons for this behavior: 1. They are Tailgaters: Some drivers may hover in your blind spot because they are tailgating you. They are too close to your car and are using the blind spot to avoid the wind resistance and "draft" off your car. This is a dangerous behavior as it reduces the reaction time in case of an emergency. 2. They Are Waiting for an Opportunity to Pass: In some cases, drivers may be hovering in your blind spot because they are waiting to find an opportunity to pass you. They may not feel confident in passing you, or there may not be enough space on the road for them to safely move into another lane. 3. They Are Unaware of Their Position: Some drivers may genuinely be unaware that they are in your blind spot. They may have changed lanes without checking their surroundings or may not be paying attention to their surroundings. 4. They Want to Maintain a Steady Speed: Some drivers may pace their speed with yours and refuse to pass because they want to maintain a steady speed. They may be in no hurry to get anywhere and prefer to stay in the same lane and maintain a consistent speed. 5. They Are Annoyed: It is also possible that the driver in the left lane is purposely trying to annoy you by hovering in your blind spot. They may be intentionally trying to hinder your vision or make it difficult for you to overtake them. In any case, it is important to stay calm and try to safely change lanes or adjust your speed to avoid being in the blind spot of another car. If the other driver is tailgating or exhibiting dangerous behavior, it is best to maintain a safe distance and report their behavior to the authorities if necessary.