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what is the book i read in the 1960s about a young girl who would have adventures and solve mysteries and would sometimes be camping out to hide from people after her, a british author who used words like rug for blanket and tin for can, not enid blyton

The book you are describing could possibly be "The Secret of Spiggy Holes" by Enid Blyton. The main character, Blyton's popular protagonist George (also known as Georgina), often goes on camping adventures and solves mysteries with her friends. However, since you mentioned not wanting Enid Blyton as the author, it could also be "The Lone Pine Five" by Malcom Saville, which features a group of children who go camping and solve mysteries together. The British slang used in the book matches your description. Update (2024-02-12): The book you are describing could be "The Secret Seven" by Enid Blyton. It follows a group of children who solve mysteries and have adventures while camping out, using British terms such as "rug" and "tin." However, it is also possible that you are thinking of a different book or series by a different author. Some other popular mystery series featuring young protagonists during the 1960s were "The Hardy Boys" by Franklin W. Dixon and "Nancy Drew" by Carolyn Keene.