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What is need to be done to become a Sangoma and what are the difficulties one come across in the journey?

In order to become a Sangoma, one must perform a strict and lengthy process of traditional initiation which is overseen by an experienced Sangoma teacher. This initiation usually includes weeks of intensive training and study, often living in isolation in a rural environment. During this time, the initiate will learn rituals and practices, as well as the cosmology and divination methods, associated with the practice of being a Sangoma. During this process, candidates must submit to rigorous tests, such as fasting, ritual purification, and psychological assessments. The journey to becoming a Sangoma is often fraught with difficulty and can be physically and emotionally challenging. Candidates must be prepared to confront and accept the responsibility of being a community leader and living up to the cultural and ethical expectations of a Sangoma. Difficulties encountered on the journey may include feelings of guilt, doubt, fear or isolation, as well as misunderstandings with family members or members of the local community. There is also the ever-present risk of physical and psychological harm from ritual practicesthat may not be conducted in accordance with established guidelines.

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