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What is a background of study for the South Sudan crisis of 2023? I need it for my research article.

The South Sudan crisis of 2023 is part of a series of political, social, and economic conflicts faced by the world's youngest nation since its independence in 2011. Since its independence, South Sudan has faced economic and social hardships from continued civil war and political instability, leading to a widespread famine and an increased refugee crisis. This crisis, and its roots, have been the subject of international news for many years, as the country attempts to rebuild itself in the wake of civil war, economic turmoil, and political upheaval. In particular, the crisis has been characterized by international inaction to adequately address the widespread famine, political divisions, and economic inequalities that plague the nation. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has added another layer of economic hardship and social disruption to the lives of the citizens of South Sudan. In order to understand the South Sudan crisis of 2023, one must delve into the history of the nation's independence and its turbulent politics since the formation of the nation. Analyzing the causes of the conflict and impetus for international opposition to the many social, economic, and political divisions of the country is essential to understanding the current state of the nation. Additionally, exploring the resulting refugees and famine crisis, as well as the successes of the international community in helping to reduce violence and outbreaks of famine is also critical in order to understand the current state of South Sudan. Finally, an examination of the current state of infrastructure, healthcare, education, and the economy of South Sudan is necessary to understand the scope and magnitude of the crisis.

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