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What events and experiences begin to change Jem’s feelings about Boo Radley from chapter 1 to chapter 8? In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. -Use RACE -Use ONE vocabulary word (please bold). -Eccentric -Predilection -Illicit -Auspicious -Bene

Throughout the first eight chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem's feelings about Boo Radley undergo a significant transformation. At first, Jem views Boo as a mysterious and ominous figure, but as he grows older and experiences various events, his perspective shifts and he begins to see Boo in a new light. The first encounter that begins to change Jem's feelings about Boo is when he and Scout find gifts hidden in the knothole of the tree near the Radley house. Curiosity and excitement replace fear and suspicion as Jem and Scout try to unravel the mystery behind the anonymous gifts. This event not only piques Jem's interest in Boo, but it also shows him a side of Boo that is kind and perhaps even benevolent. Another significant experience that alters Jem's perception of Boo is when he and Scout witness Miss Maudie's house catch fire. Despite the chaos and devastation, they see Boo emerge from the shadows and place a blanket around Scout's shoulders. This act of kindness and bravery further dispels Jem's preconceived notions about Boo and reinforces his belief that Boo is not the malevolent figure he once thought. Furthermore, Jem's involvement in Atticus's defense of Tom Robinson plays a crucial role in shaping his feelings about Boo. As Jem witnesses the racist and unjust treatment of Tom Robinson, he begins to understand the harsh realities of life and realizes that there are people like Boo who are unfairly judged and ostracized by society. This realization prompts Jem to question his own preconceived notions about Boo and empathize with him. Lastly, Jem's close encounter with Bob Ewell, who holds a deep grudge against Atticus, serves as a turning point in his understanding of Boo. Despite being injured by Bob, Jem is saved by Boo, who comes to his and Scout's rescue. This act of courage and selflessness demonstrates to Jem that Boo is not the reclusive and strange man that everyone perceives him to be. Instead, Jem sees Boo as an eccentric man with a predilection for kindness and a willingness to do what is morally right, even if it means breaking the law (as in the case of saving Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell). In conclusion, Jem's feelings about Boo Radley change drastically from chapter 1 to chapter 8 due to various events and experiences that challenge his initial perceptions. As Jem matures and gains a better understanding of the world, he learns to see Boo as an auspicious and benevolent figure, rather than a mysterious and illicit one, and their relationship evolves from fear and curiosity to one of mutual understanding and appreciation. WORD: eccentric