Artificial Intelligence
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What ethical guidelines or principles should be established to govern the ethical development and use of emerging technologies like biotechnology, nanotechnology, or quantum computing?

1. Respect for intrinsic human values – Emerging technologies must never be used to suppress or threaten the security and autonomy of any person or group of people. 2. Ensure responsible use – Techniques like biotechnology, nanotechnology and quantum computing will be used responsibly, respect the safety and rights of individuals, and take into account their socio-cultural, economic and environmental implications. 3. Research and development – Each new technology must be subject to thorough, repeated and independent testing to ensure effectiveness and safety before public use. 4. Transparency – Full transparency in the development, use, and regulation of these technologies must be maintained. This includes making the results available to relevant stakeholders and the public. 5. Strict Governance – Governments must create and enforce appropriate laws, regulations, and standards of practice to ensure ethical and responsible development and use of the technology. 6. Non-Discrimination – Technology must not be used to make illegal, unethical, or discriminatory decisions or practices. It must not be used to deny any person or group of people access to services or opportunities. 7. Respect for Privacy, Data and Intellectual Property Rights – Technologies must not be used to infringe upon the rights of individuals to data privacy, intellectual property, or freedom from unwanted surveillance. 8. Accountability – Technology makers and users bear ultimate responsibility for any errors that occur, and must take steps to provide adequate compensation for any harm incurred.

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