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What can your supervisor or co-workers do to assist you in becoming more efficient? As barista

Your supervisor or co-workers can help you become more efficient by training you on the best use of the espresso machine, offering tips on how to quickly handle customer orders, delegating tasks and providing feedback so you can adjust your workflow and continually improve. They can also support you in better organization of tasks, such as reorganizing the workspace to make it easier to complete tasks quickly. Lastly, if necessary, they can help suggest changes in procedures or equipment that would facilitate smoother operations. Update (2023-11-18): Your supervisor or co-workers can assist you in becoming more efficient by providing additional training and support. This may include teaching you new techniques to streamline processes, providing feedback on the quality of your work, and discussing best practices for handling customer requests. Additionally, they can help you troubleshoot any issues you are having, provide positive reinforcement for a job well done, and guide you through the system when you are unfamiliar with certain tasks.

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