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What are the unique characteristics of a wetland?

1. Wetland soils have a distinct waterlogged texture throughout the year. 2. Wetlands are naturally flooded with water for all or part of the year. 3. They have very slow absorption rates, causing water to accumulate and remain in the area for longer periods of time. 4. There are characteristic plant communities that are adapted to the wet, nutrient-rich environment. 5. Wetlands act as a natural filter for pollutants, trapping them in the sediment. 6. Wetlands are important for wildlife habitat, providing essential food and shelter for aquatic species. 7. Many wetlands are recognized as critical migration points for birds and fish. 8. Wetlands can help reduce impacts from floods and storms by acting as a buffer zone. 9. Wetlands are also important for recreation, tourism, and education purposes.

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