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what are the points should add to make a ppt on Yes Bank company which was recently been in trouble and see how the company attempts to convince the shareholders that things will turn out well? with reference

1. Overview of Yes Bank: A detailed overview of the company, its history, background, growth, services, focus and customer base. 2. Recent developments and issues: Explain the recent developments and issues Yes Bank has faced, such as payment moratorium, fund raising, and regulatory issues. 3. Explaining the causes: Analyse the reasons behind the current scenario, such as bad loan book, liquidity issues, and so on. 4. Shareholders' concerns: Discuss the worries of shareholders, their current questions and potential worries for the future. 5. Recovery plan: Showcase the strategies and measures Yes Bank has implemented to tide over the crisis and revive its operations. 6. Future prospects: Highlight the potential future growth prospects of Yes Bank, its growth plans for India, plans to expand overseas, etc. 7. Shareholder engagement: Focus on adoption of measures which promotes transparency and shareholder engagement. 8. Investor confidence: Explain how Yes Bank is attempting to ensure investor confidence and trust with various initiatives. 9. Conclusion: Summarize the overview in brief for a better understanding and emphasize the challenges ahead to build a stronger future for Yes Bank.