Artificial Intelligence
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What are the other environments available in Powerapps

In addition to the PowerApps mobile app, there are a variety of other environments available for creating apps. • Studio - A desktop-based PowerApps development platform. • Web Authoring - Create mobile or web-based apps from any browser. • Embedded Canvas Apps - Create custom apps within existing processes. • Microsoft Flow - Create automated workflows across multiple applications and services. • Power Automate Desktop - Create automated workflows from any Windows 10 device. • Common Data Service - Create powerful apps by connecting to your business data, stored securely in the cloud. • SharePoint - Create custom forms or take advantage of existing SharePoint list applications. • Azure Active Directory - Integrate Azure Active Directory for authentication, security, and user experience. • Azure Digital Twins - Connect with physical spaces and explore the possibilities of the Internet of Things. • AI Builder - Create intelligent applications that use artificial intelligence capabilities.

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