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What are the features of a good status report?

1. Clear Format: A status report should always be accurately formatted and consistently follow a standard layout for ease of understanding. 2. Timeline: A timeline for specific tasks, milestones and goals should be included in the report. 3. Progress: A clear overview of progress, what tasks have been completed, and what tasks have yet to be completed should be included in the report. 4. Ownership: The report should clearly assign ownership of tasks and goals to an individual or team. 5. Issues: Any issues encountered should be included in the report, as well as measures taken to resolve the issue. 6. Scope: The report should also provide an overview of the scope of the project in order to accurately measure progress. 7. Summary: The report should provide a comprehensive summary of the project’s current status. 8. Resources: Resources that have been allocated to the project should be included in the report.

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