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What are the 5 key responsibility of the local government

1. Providing essential services: The local government is responsible for providing essential services such as water and sewer systems, waste management, transportation, and public safety. 2. Planning and development: Local governments are responsible for planning and regulating land use, zoning, and development within their jurisdiction. 3. Maintaining infrastructure: It is the responsibility of the local government to maintain and repair infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and public buildings. 4. Collecting taxes and managing budgets: Local governments are in charge of collecting taxes from residents and businesses to fund the services they provide. They are also responsible for managing their budget and making financial decisions on behalf of the community. 5. Representing the community: Local governments are the primary representatives of their communities and are responsible for advocating for their needs and interests at the state and national levels. They also serve as a liaison between the community and other levels of government.