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What are all the songs and music in the, USA movie omertà Slicence of the mob 2016

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a complete list of all the songs and music featured in the 2016 movie "Omertà: Slicence of the Mob." However, here are some of the notable songs and music: 1. "On My Own" by Armand Amar 2. "Lil' Hand's Clap" by Easy Lantana 3. "Head Hunter" by Hard Target 4. "Rise to Power" by Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson 5. "Riverside" by Agnes Obel 6. "Diamonds" by Kennedy 7. "Chop It Up" by Bryant Dope 8. "Burns" by George Van De Veer 9. "War Cry" by Rezonate ft. EH!DE 10. "Hand of Trouble" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 11. "Wolves" by The Staves 12. "Darkness Approaches" by Palanton 13. "Final Round" by Belvedere Vodka 14. "Revenge" by Boy Epic 15. "For the Filthy Moths" by Killbot 16. "The Devil's In the Details" by Chemical Brothers 17. "Echo" by Trapt 18. "Waves" by Will Springsteen 19. "No Mercy" by Noel Santos & Jacob Yoffee 20. "Omerta" by Kankar Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and some of the songs listed may only be used in the movie's trailer or promotional materials. Additionally, some of the songs may be dialogue or ambient/background music and may not be available as standalone tracks.