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were people allowed to have guns back in 1900s in england birmingham?

At the turn of the 20th century, gun ownership and possession in England and Wales were heavily regulated. Those who wished to own a gun were required to obtain a license from the local police and undergo a background check. The gun licenses were only granted for specific reasons, such as hunting, target shooting, or as a collector’s item. In Birmingham, as in the rest of England, stricter gun control measures were introduced after several high-profile shootings, including the assassination of Prime Minister Spencer Perceval in 1812. By the 1900s, the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839 imposed a blanket ban on carrying firearms in London and other urban areas, making it illegal for most people to carry a gun in public without a specific reason. Exceptions were made for people employed in certain occupations, such as farmers, gamekeepers, and members of the military. Private citizens could also legally own guns for home defense, but they had to keep them securely locked away when not in use. In conclusion, while gun ownership was permitted in Birmingham and other areas of England in the 1900s, it was heavily regulated and limited to certain individuals and specific purposes.