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concerning Lien" . 1. This website provides articles and resources about lien laws, including how they work, how to file one, and the different types of liens that exist. It also has a directory of attorneys that specialize in lien cases. 2. Investopedia: This site offers an in-depth explanation of what a lien is and how it works, as well as its different forms and uses. It also includes information on how to remove a lien and how it can affect your credit. 3. Nolo: This legal website has a section dedicated to liens, covering common questions about liens, state-specific laws, and how to protect yourself from liens. 4. FindLaw: FindLaw's section on liens includes articles on what liens are, types of liens, and how to discharge or modify a lien. It also offers resources to find a qualified attorney to assist with lien-related issues. 5. LegalZoom: This website has a comprehensive guide on liens, covering topics such as mechanics liens, tax liens, and judgment liens. It also offers resources for protecting against and resolving liens. 6. The Balance: The Balance's section on liens provides basic information on the different types of liens and their impact on personal and business finances. It also offers tips on how to avoid and manage liens. 7. Cornell Legal Information Institute: This online resource provides a breakdown of the legal definition of a lien, how it is created, and its effects on property ownership. It also includes links to relevant federal and state laws on liens. 8. World Bank Group: The World Bank Group's resource on liens offers a global perspective on lien laws and practices, including regulations and guidelines for securing and enforcing liens in different countries. 9. Rocket Lawyer: This site offers legal templates and documents for lien agreements and releases. It also has a section on commonly asked questions about liens and their legal implications. 10. Justia: Justia's database includes federal and state case law and statutes related to liens, as well as articles and legal commentary on current lien-related topics.