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“Vocal for Local” is a term that is having resonance with countries today to promote Local consumption. In your view is it positive for nations to produce locally and avoid globalization?

In my opinion, it is beneficial for nations to produce locally and avoid globalization, as long as it does not limit their economic and technological growth. The “Vocal for Local” mantra can help a nation become more self-reliant and encourage economic growth by utilizing local resources efficiently and improving the quality of locally produced products. This will also reduce dependence on international markets and create employment opportunities within the nation. Moreover, localized production has the potential to improve environmental sustainability as it eases transportation needs and reduces emissions. At the same time, globalization can be seen as a key tool for achieving economic growth, development, and foreign trade. When nations become more open to international markets, they can benefit from increased competition and technological advancements, which can help them become more productive and efficient. Ultimately, a balance between local production and global reach is the best approach in order to achieve an optimal level of prosperity and economic growth.

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