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enable to any group chat within a company. With the option to join a group chat from an email invitation or a URL link, setting up Viber for a company is fast and simple. Companies can then take advantage of the rich messaging features, such as group chats, video calls, and file sharing, to stay connected and communicate efficiently within the company. To set up Viber for a group chat within a company, follow these steps: 1. Create a Viber account for your company: Go to the Viber website, click on "Sign In" and then click on "Create a Viber Account." Fill in the necessary information and click on "Create Account." 2. Create a group chat: Once you have created your Viber account, click on the "New Chat" button and select "New Group." Give your group a name and add members by clicking "Add People." 3. Invite members: Once your group chat is created, you can invite members by clicking on the "Invite to Group" button and selecting the option to send an email invitation or a URL link. 4. Join the group chat: Members can join the group chat by clicking on the invitation link or accepting the email invitation and following the prompts to join the group. 5. Start communicating: Once all members have joined the group chat, you can start communicating by sending messages, making video calls, and sharing files. By setting up Viber for a group chat within a company, members can stay connected and communicate efficiently, no matter where they are located. With Viber's rich messaging features, companies can also enhance collaboration and productivity within the team.