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Upfiles folder download

The Upfiles folder download is located below. Click on each item to look at, download and use in your remotes. If you have remotes you would like to share, please feel free to email it to me for posting here. I will give you full credit for your work. Please do not post code into the forums. Instead, place it into a text file with comments as to what the code does. The upfiles folder contains contributed files to assist in learning JP1 remote programing. My very special thanks to Rob for providing this location. Rating: 4.30/5 Total Votes: 10 Latest Version: File Size: 2.25 KB Categories: Publisher: Uploaded By: Rob Kuechle HCS Forum Discussion Click here to discuss this file. Compatibility: JP1 Remotes all Installation Instructions: File release notes: This version of the readme file was last edited 5/11/2006 and is version 2.00. See what's new for details. Here are the changes in order of appearance. Changes: Added section called "Interpreting Km Usage" Added documentation about the use of Bit Offsets or Zero Bases. Beginning to use different symbols for different remote protocols. Done so far is: Sony = Alt-U. I continue to use Alt-M for Macros. The Robman Getting to the remote flexibility of this readme file contributed by TheWoo. Readme file edited by Rob. Thanks. TheWoo and Rob « Select Another Category 1 members online: Osi Thank you for keeping the Universal Remote Control community alive with your purchases of replacement/upgraded items, products, and services! Legal Copyright © 1998-2021 True Colors Intl. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | Supercharged by MyBB