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unity 3d c# switch camera display after 2 seconds.

I assume you are asking how to switch to a different camera after 2 seconds in a Unity 3D project using C# scripting. Here is a basic example of how you could accomplish this: 1. Create a script called CameraSwitcher and attach it to an empty game object in your scene. 2. Inside the CameraSwitcher script, create two public GameObject variables to hold references to your cameras: ``` public GameObject firstCamera; public GameObject secondCamera; ``` 3. In the Start() method of the script, set the active camera to be the firstCamera: ``` void Start() { firstCamera.SetActive(true); secondCamera.SetActive(false); } ``` 4. Next, add a coroutine to the script that will switch to the second camera after 2 seconds: ``` IEnumerator SwitchCamera() { // Wait for 2 seconds yield return new WaitForSeconds(2f); // Deactivate first camera and activate second camera firstCamera.SetActive(false); secondCamera.SetActive(true); } ``` 5. In the Update() method of the script, check if the mouse button has been clicked and if it has, start the coroutine to switch to the second camera: ``` void Update() { // Check for mouse click if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) { // Start coroutine to switch camera StartCoroutine(SwitchCamera()); } } ``` 6. Finally, save the script and go back to your scene. In the hierarchy, drag and drop your first and second cameras onto the corresponding variables in the CameraSwitcher script. 7. Press play and click the mouse. After 2 seconds, the first camera should deactivate and the second camera should activate. Note: This is just a basic example to demonstrate the idea of how to switch cameras. You can modify and expand on this script to fit your specific needs. Also, keep in mind that there are many different ways to achieve a similar result in Unity, so feel free to experiment and find a solution that works best for you.