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unity 2d c# how to change sprite reneder with scripts

To change the sprite renderer of an object in Unity 2D C#, you can do the following steps: 1. Declare a SpriteRenderer variable: ``` SpriteRenderer spriteRenderer; ``` 2. In the Start or Awake method, assign the SpriteRenderer component to the variable: ``` void Start() { //Get the SpriteRenderer component of the object this script is attached to spriteRenderer = GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>(); } ``` 3. Use the `sprite` property of the SpriteRenderer to change the sprite: ``` spriteRenderer.sprite = newSprite; ``` 4. You can also change other properties of the SpriteRenderer such as the color and flip: ``` //Change the sprite's color to red spriteRenderer.color =; //Flip the sprite horizontally spriteRenderer.flipX = true; ``` 5. To change the sprite dynamically during runtime, you can add a public variable or function to the script that will set the new sprite: ``` public Sprite newSprite; //Function to change the sprite public void ChangeSprite() { spriteRenderer.sprite = newSprite; } ``` 6. Now, you can assign a new sprite to the public variable in the inspector, and call the `ChangeSprite()` function from another script or event to change the sprite. Note: Make sure that the new sprite's import settings are set correctly for 2D Sprites. To do this, select the sprite in the Project window and check the Texture Type and Sprite Mode settings in the Inspector.