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, YA humour Age category: Middle Grade/Young Adult Me and My Hormones is a comedic young adult novel that follows the story of a teenage boy named Jake as he navigates the ups and downs of puberty, love, and growing up. Jake is a typical teenage boy who is constantly bombarded by his ever-changing hormones, causing him to act impulsively and make questionable decisions. But despite all the chaos and confusion that comes with being a teenager, Jake is determined to make the best of it and find the humor in every situation. The book begins with Jake's first day of high school, where he is immediately captivated by the beautiful and popular girl, Sarah. He is determined to win her over, even though she seems completely out of his league. As Jake tries to impress Sarah, he also has to deal with his awkward and embarrassing bodily changes, like voice cracking, acne, and uncontrollable erections at the worst possible moments. Along the way, Jake forms unlikely friendships with his quirky classmates and learns valuable lessons about love, friendship, and self-acceptance. With the help of his best friend, a sarcastic and no-nonsense girl named Lily, Jake learns to embrace his quirks and not take himself too seriously. Me and My Hormones highlights the struggles and triumphs of being a teenager, with a healthy dose of humor and relatable moments. Through Jake's journey, readers will laugh, cringe, and ultimately root for this lovable and relatable protagonist as he learns to embrace his awkward, hormone-fueled self.