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Transcript of Tangled the series episode. Cassandra introduces to Alex, Princess Willow’s adopted son, reviewing that both Rapunzel and Alex are cousins, Eugene overwhelmed with joy and confusion. Cassandra reveals about Alex’s relationship with her since

Prince Eugene: “Well this is… I’m kind of overwhelmed. It’s a lot to process. It’s great seeing you, uh… Alex, isn’t it?” Princess Rapunzel: “Yes! Of course, of course. I’m so happy to meet you. You’re my cousin too, Alex! So we’re family! Welcome home!” Cassandra: “Alex and I actually go way back. We’ve been like brother and sister ever since he was born. He’s one year younger than me.” Alex: “It’s true. I practically grew up with Cassandra. But Texas felt like my real home. Until…” Princess Willow: (Coming in and hugging Alex) “Oh Alex! I am so happy to see you! I’ve heard so much about you, and I’m so glad you’re finally here. Welcome home, my son!” Update (2023-11-10): Eugene: Wow, I had no idea. Rapunzel, is this true? Rapunzel: Yeah, we just found out. I'm so happy that Alex is part of our family now! Cassandra: Yeah, Alex has been with us for years. He came to us when he was three and Princess Willow adopted him. Willow: It's been such a blessing having him part of our family. Alex: It's great to finally meet all of you. It's been an adventure coming from Corpus Christi to Corona. Rapunzel: We can't wait to get to know you better! Cassandra: Maybe we can all go on a family adventure together? Eugene: That sounds like a great plan! Rapunzel: Yeah, let's do it! Update (2023-11-29): (The scene starts off with Cassandra and Alex talking about their family ties) Alex: So, you're telling me that you and I are cousins? Cassandra: Yup, we're cousins. Your mother is Princess Willow, Rapunzel's adoptive mother and my adoptive mother, too. So that makes us family! Eugene: (Overwhelmed with joy and confusion) Wait, so am I related to you two now? Cassandra: No. But you are family to us both. (Willow comes in and hugs Alex to congratulate him on his adventure from Texas) Willow: Alex, my dearest adopted son. I'm so glad to have you here with us. I've missed you so much!

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