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The who , when, where, what , why and how of Enrique Camarena Case

Who : Enrique Camarena was a Mexican-American agent of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). When : Camarena was kidnapped on February 7, 1985 and his remains were found a month later on March 5, 1985. Where : The kidnapping occurred in Guadalajara, Mexico, where Camarena was stationed as a DEA agent. What : Camarena's kidnapping and murder were part of a larger investigation into drug trafficking by the Guadalajara Cartel, a powerful drug trafficking organization in Mexico. Why : Camarena had been investigating the operations of the Guadalajara Cartel, including the involvement of high-ranking Mexican officials, which threatened their lucrative drug trade. How : Camarena was kidnapped by corrupt Mexican police officers working for the Guadalajara Cartel. He was brutally tortured and killed, and his body was later found on a ranch in a nearby state. It was later revealed that the kidnapping and murder were ordered by the leaders of the Guadalajara Cartel and carried out by their henchmen. The case sparked a major investigation into drug trafficking and corruption in Mexico and led to the eventual dismantling of the Guadalajara Cartel.