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The dominant stakeholders are probably the most essential stakeholder group in all businesses. But can you find examples of other stakeholder groups that the company BlackRock must take into account in its communications? The question is which groups can

1. Employees: Employees are arguably the most important stakeholder group that BlackRock needs to consider in their corporate communications. Employees are the lifeblood of the organization, and it is essential that BlackRock communicates the values and mission of the company to them for them to be successful in their roles. 2. Customers: Customers are an important stakeholder group, as they are the ones who ultimately provide revenue to the company. The way BlackRock communicates their products and services will determine their customer satisfaction - a key ingredient in the company's success. 3. Suppliers: Suppliers are another group that need to be taken into account in corporate communication. It is essential that BlackRock communicates its expectations to their suppliers in order for them to remain in the supply chain and for the products and services to be delivered. 4. Investors: Investors are another stakeholder group that need to be considered in corporate communications. Investors have a stake in the company's success and need to be reassured of the company's performance. It is essential for BlackRock to communicate regularly with their investors in order to keep them informed and build trust. 5. The Public: The public is a key stakeholder group, and it is important to consider how BlackRock's corporate communications will be perceived by the wider public. Any negative perceptions surrounding the company's image can erode trust in the company - which can have a long-term negative effect.

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